Tough Loss to Berwick for Phoenix Boys Varsity

Hyde School: 2 – Berwick Academy: 3

Berwick Academy traveled to Bath to play a match on Friday afternoon.  The contest took place under warm sunny conditions on the turf field.

The match started with much back and forth play.  Both teams passed the ball well and did a nice job of playing crisp, possession soccer on the fast surface of the turf field.  The defensive backs John Garrett`17, David Hentnick`17, Captain PG Dylan Budd and Wallace Ogens`17 played a flat back four formation.  This helped contain the opponent’s quick and skilled attacking strikers.  However, a Berwick play broke loose and scored a 1v1 goal in the 20th minute.  Center midfielders PG Zach Hambleton and Serge Mudogo`18 worked the ball ahead with the help of wingers Jed Danforth`19 and Will Duerr`18.  Unfortunately, Duerr`18 was required to retire for the remainder of the game with less than 10  minutes left in the half.  This, the result of a second yellow card which he received for encroaching on the opponent’s throw-in.  His first yellow was received minutes earlier for a late defensive tackle.  This left the Phoenix a man short.  Through hard work and determination they were able make it to half time with the score 0-1.

The Phoenix boys adjusted to having a man less than the opponent by shifting one of the two strikers to winger.  Scott O’Brien`17 playing now at winger was taken down in the box in the 46th minute resulting in a Hyde penalty kick.  Captain Zach Hambleton converted the PK to tie the score 1-1.  This lifted the Phoenix who worked hard to play with the skilled Berwick team.  In the 52nd  and 56th minutes the opponent scored two more goals to go ahead 3-1.  The Phoenix boys however, were not disheartened and pushed on, playing two goals and a man down they kept scrapping.  In the 75th minute right winger Scott O’Brien`17 was taken down just to the right of the box.  This foul resulted in a Berwick player receiving his second yellow card and being ejected from the match.  With the numbers now even, the Hyde lads pressed on.  Unfortunately, they ran out of time before they were able to score the equalizer.

This was not the result we wanted.  However, the boys showed a lot of heart in this one.  They played a man down and from behind on the scoreboard for a majority of the game.  The challenge moving forward is to work on finishing attacking opportunities with goals.  The next match is Wednesday October 12th with Dublin School at a neutral site in Epping New Hampshire at 3pm.

-coach Smith