Founder Joseph Gauld Comments on the Hyde School Consolidation

Hyde School Founder Joseph W. Gauld
Hyde School Founder Joseph W. Gauld

I’ve been asked for my reaction to the new Hyde School consolidation.

I shared my first public reaction in the Bath School announcement, when I told the students in tears that my heart was broken, even though I knew it was the right thing. Hyde-Woodstock has been a powerful community for 20 years, creating a challenging atmosphere to help bring out everyone’s best.

I always remember reporters questioning why a famous climber climbed mountains. He answered simply, “to make friendships.” To me, that explains the close relationships that Woodstock families and all Hyde families feel today.

My commitment has always been to change American education, but the path to get there must have integrity, and that integrity has been built on doing our very best for as many families as we can.

In the 1990s, helped by being featured on TV shows like 60 Minutes and 20-20, Hyde was turning away qualified families, which ultimately led to the founding of Hyde-Woodstock to accommodate them.

Twenty years later, Woodstock Academy’s unsolicited offer to buy our Woodstock campus led our Board of Governors, made up of dedicated Bath and Woodstock alumni and alumni parents, to responsibly consider their offer.

Once the Hyde administration realized the advantages to all Hyde families via a significantly increased endowment for scholarships and a more comprehensive program, plus combining all of our human resources on one campus, it became quite simply the right decision for Hyde’s future.

Hyde-Woodstock is a critical part of the Hyde story, and I hope we all will work hard to make sure it is an integral part of the new Hyde that begins next September.

I am very excited about the potential of the new unified Hyde School. That potential will come from the enthusiasm and effort of our Woodstock team as it merges with the enthusiasm and effort of our Bath team into creating the strongest Hyde School ever.