Phoenix BVS Tops Gould 1-0

Hyde School: 1- Gould Academy: 0

Hyde School hosted Gould Academy on Wednesday.  The match was played on Hyde’s turf field under warm sunny conditions.

The Phoenix used a new tactical formation for this match.  It was a modified 4-4-2.  The four defenders in the back; John Garrett`17, David Hentnick`17 Captain PG Dylan Budd and Wallace Ogen`17, played a flat back configuration.  The midfield four consisted of; PG Zach Hambleton and Serge Mudogo`18 as center midfielder, and Jed Danforth`19 and Will Duerr`18 as wingers, left and right respectively.  The two striker were Scott O’Brien`17 and Lawrence Morace`18.  The intention of this formation was to create a strong offensive threat and retain good defensive protection.  The boys did a nice job of creating scoring chances early on, outshooting the opponent by a significant margin in the first half.  Captain PG Zach Hambleton scored in the 40th minute on a direct kick.

The second half was fast moving and intense with numerous shots.  Two found the back of the net, but both were disallowed.   The first the result of a player being off-sides and the other occurring as the clock wound down to zero.  The official deemed time expired.   Hyde Keeper and Captain Greg Kidger`17 did a great job of maintaining the shutout.  He made some nice plays during the opponent’s corner kicks.  In addition, his powerful punts from the back aided the attacking players efforts.

This was a good win for us.  It was one of those strange situations where there was the elation of winning the game, but a tinge of disappointment at not scoring more goals.  This has been an issue in a few of our matches lately.  We out possess and out shoot the opponent but have struggled to find the back of the net.  We will be working on ‘finishing’ in the practice before our next match.  We play Berwick Academy tomorrow, Friday October 7th at 4:15 on our home turf field.  They are a quality team and it promises to be an exciting test for us.

-coach Smith