Tough Loss for Phoenix Boys Soccer vs MCI

Hyde School: 1- Maine Central Institute: 2

Boys Varsity Soccer traveled to Pittsfield Maine to play a match with MCI on Saturday.  It took place under warm sunny skies on a natural grass pitch.

MCI struck first in the 4th minute to go up a goal.  At this point, the defensive unit of John Garrett`17 at left fullback, David Hentnick`17 at central back, Post Graduate Brandon Nelson at central back and Jason Filios`17 at right fullback sorted out the marking and slowed their attacking players significantly.  This allowed the holding midfield players, Post Grad Captain Dylan Budd and Lawrence Morace`18 to make penetrating passes to the attacking midfielders.  This resulted in more shots for the Hyde team, but the score remained 1-0 at halftime.

The Phoenix changed the tempo of the game in the second half when they scored the tying goal in 41st minute of play. Captain Zach Hambleton scored the goal off a Serge Mudogo`18 assist.   From here, Hyde’s offensive attacks increased resulting in numerous balls played wide to outside midfielders Will Duerr`18 and Jed Danforth`19 who did a great job of working the ball down the flank and crossing it in for striker Scott O’Brien`17.   These attacking chances were numerous and the Phoenix boys maintained possession for a majority of the time in the second half.  However, with less than 8 minutes remaining, MCI was awarded a direct kick outside the box.  As the defense was attempting to get their wall set, an opposing player took the free kick and scored the go ahead goal.  The Hyde boys continued to play with intensity for the remaining time, but were unable to score the equalizer.

This was a difficult loss.  The opponent scored a quick goal in the opening minutes of the game and we struggled to find the back of the net despite out shooting them by a significant margin.  They were able to catch us out while attempting to set the wall during a free kick and ultimately won the match as a result.  We will be working on defending set plays, marking the ball along the end line, and creating opportunities to score on throw-ins, in the training sessions leading up to our next match.  We have a home contest against Gould on Wednesday October 5th at 2pm.

-coach Smith