Phoenix Boys V Soccer Falls to Hebron 0-11

Hyde School: 0 – Hebron Academy: 11

Boys Varsity Soccer traveled to Hebron Maine for a MAISAD match with Hebron Academy on Wednesday.  It was played on their natural grass pitch under warm sunny conditions.

Two things were clear from the first minutes of the game.  Firstly, the Hyde Boys, for whatever reason, were slow to fully engage in a high level of play and secondly, the Lumberjacks were a formidable team.  Hebron scored two goals in the first four minutes.  They moved the ball well and they had strong offensive players who were both skilled and fast.  This  combined with sloppy marking in the defensive third of the field resulted in multiple goals being scored in quick succession.  The resulting halftime score was 7-0.

The second half was marginally better than the first in terms of the Phoenix boys finding ways to disrupt their play and their domination of the time of possession.  However, the opponent remained firmly in control of the match and they scored more goals.

This was obviously a very bad result for us.  We started poorly and never recovered.  Though the score doesn’t reflect it, the boys individually worked hard for the time they were on the field.  Much of the problems they had developed from a lack of connectedness.  This lack of unity resulted in some players trying too hard to have an impact and making simple mistakes like over committing when defending an attacking opponent or dribbling too much while trying to attack.  We have spent time working on team unity and defensive marking in preparation for the next match which is Saturday September 31st away at MCI in Pittsfield Maine at 2:00.

-coach Smith