Phoenix Boys 3rds Soccer vs Hebron

Sept. 28, 2016

Hyde School: 0 – Hebron Academy: 5

On this beautiful fall afternoon the boys 3rd soccer team hosted Hebron on the back 40 field. Hebron came prepared to play an aggressive game, and we held our own bringing good energy and sportsmanship to the field. An early hand ball in the box put Hebron up 1 after a penalty kick. The team unraveled for a few minutes and let a couple more goals get by, but quickly refocused and held Hebron to 4 at the half. Danny Zheng and Steven Wong both had a great game playing both offence and defense during the game, showing their versatility. Mickey Gao was a brick wall in defense, thwarting many Hebron attacks. Max Wolinsky and Evan Pfosi played an exceptional offence, both taking shots on goal. The MVP goes to Lucas McCabe, who was a ninja as goal keeper and stopped a plethora of intense shots. The team know they have some wins in them and are hungry for the next game.

Coach O’Connor