Phoenix BVS Tops Hoosac 4-0

Hyde School: 4- Hoosac: 0

Hoosac school traveled from New York to play the Phoenix on our turf field Saturday.  The match was played under clear warm weather conditions.

Post Graduate Captain Hambleton Zach scored the first goal of the match in the 4th minute of play.  The offense kept up the pressure in the early goings.  Striker Christian Beyekele`18 worked with Jed Danforth`19 on the left wing, PG Zach Hambleton at center, and Will Duerr`18 on the right wing to create scoring chances.  A player on the opponent’s team received a red card for aggression midway through the half resulting in Hoosac playing a man down.   The Phoenix outshot the opponent, but couldn’t find the back of the net again until the 41st minute when PG Zach Hambleton scored on a Will Duerr`18 assist.

The second half was much like the first half.  Hoosac had some chances on goal, but the Hyde boys did a nice job of setting an off-sides trap running a flat back four formation.  Post Grad Captain Dylan Budd played at left fullback, disrupting play down the flank from the opponent.  He also had a key role in terms of taking free kicks and corner kicks for the Phoenix.  David Hentnick`17 worked with Post Grad Brandon Nelson as central defenders, holding their line high and hanging with the opponent’s striker on the occasional through ball.  Jason Filios`17, the fourth member of the back line was tasked with protecting the right side of the pitch.  Holding central midfielders Serge Mudogo`18 and Lawrence Morace`18 supported the defensive efforts of the back four, but also worked to create offensive attacks with the other midfielders.  In the 56th minute Serge Mudogo`18 scored a beautiful header goal to bring it to 3-0.  Though Hoosac was playing with a man down, they still posed a threat with the use of long through balls and speedy attaching players.  However, Captain Greg Kidger`17 was brilliant with his play at Keeper.  Determined to preserve the shutout, he came off his line late in the match to gobble up the ball off the foot of an attacking Striker in the box. With less than 4 minutes remaining, Christian Beyekele`18 scored on a Jed Danforth`19 assist.

This was a good result for us.  The boys played well from the first minutes to the last. The defensive unit was successful in shutting out the opponent and the offensive players did a nice job of maintaining possession and creating fruitful scoring chances.  In the coming training sessions we will be working to more fully take advantage of scoring on free kicks and corner kicks.  Our next match is away at Hebron Academy on Wednesday September 28th at 3:00pm

-coach Smith