Phoenix Boys Soccer Takes the Win vs Kents Hill

Hyde School: 5- Kents Hill: 3

Boys Varsity Soccer traveled to Kents Hill on Wednesday to play their first MAISAD match of the season.  The contest took place on their turf field under sunny warm conditions.

The play was mostly even for much of the opening minutes of the game, with both teams having scoring chances.  Striker Scott O’Brien`17 scored the first goal in the 9th minute.  Shortly after going up a goal, Kents Hill was awarded a Penalty Kick for a handball in the box.  They converted it to bring the score even at 1-1.  The Phoenix midfield consisting of; Post Grad Hambleton Zach at center, Jed Danforth`19 at left, Wallace Ogens`17 at right, Post Grad Dylan Budd and Serge Mudogo`18 as holding center midfielders, struggled to find their groove early on.  They were able to maintain possession at times, but had few fruitful plays resulting in chances on goal.  The opponent scored their second goal in the 30th minute on a corner kick.  Unfortunately, in the 34th minute a Phoenix defender received a second yellow card for fouling on a tackle.  This meant he was out for the remainder of the game and the team had to play a man down.  The Hyde boys were on their heels for much of the remaining time in the half.  However, through hard work and determination they were able to work the ball forward to the offensive third of the field.  With less than 2 minutes remaining in the half, Will Durerr`18 scored a beautiful goal from near the top of the box, slightly right of center, to bring it even at 2-2.

The team regrouped and developed a game strategy during the break between halves.  This include keeping the four defenders;  Jason Filios`17, David Hentnick`18, Post Graduate Brandon Nelson and Will Duerr`18 in their flat back four formation and running a 4-4-1 formation with two central midfielders.  This allowed the midfield to compensate for the missing man whilst having a striker forward to play balls through to.  In the 47th minute PG Zach Hambleton scored an unassisted goal to go ahead.  This spurred the boys on and they worked hard to maintain possession and create scoring chances.  In the 55th minute Christian Beyekele`18 scored on a Serge Mudogo`18 assist.  PG Zach Hambleton scored his second goal in the 74th minute to make it 5-2.  With 10 minutes remaining both teams lost a player to red cards for a scuffle in the box that the official deemed unacceptable.  Kents Hill, still a man up in numbers, scored a goal with just over 2 minutes left on the clock to bring the final match score to 5-3.

This was a complicated match.  As a team, we showed our best, playing from behind with a man down.  We also showed our lesser selves with poor decisions, red cards and a PK for handling the ball.  The grit and determination the boys demonstrated in the second half of the game was commendable.  The challenge moving forward is to play classy, competitive soccer from the first whistle to the last.  Our next game is Saturday September 24th at home on the turf with Hoosac at 11:00am.


-coach Smith