Wolfpack BVS Falls to Wheeler 1-8

Wheeler School at Hyde School, CT

Saturday 21, September

  First Half Score Final Score
Wheeler School 2 8
Hyde School–Woodstock, CT 1 1

On Wednesday, September 21st, the Hyde School Wolfpack faced Wheeler School with a focus on improving their defensive work, simple passing, and communication.  Following the kick-off Hyde showed control and poise with solid passing throughout the midfield from Derek Rw ‘18 and Cooper Felt ‘19.  This paid off in the third minute when passes received by Brooks Doll ‘17 at left mid allowed for a clean cross to Jon Bell ‘17 and a successful shot on goal.  This early goal clearly work up Wheeler’s offensive line and shocked their defense.  Wheeler countered for another ten minutes without success.  The defensive team of Josh Schwartz ‘19 and Alex Sobel ‘17 helped hold the line.  A few saves by Dan Murray ‘17 also kept the Wolfpack ahead and Wheeler at bay.  In the fourteenth minute however Wheeler’s forwards struck deep into Hyde’s defense, crossed the ball in front of Murray and found the net.  Both teams battled for possession during the ensuing 15 minutes with neither team scoring.  With nine minutes to go in the half, Wheeler threaded Hyde’s defense and went up a goal to end the half with a one goal lead.  While the deficit was disappointing, the boys had demonstrated teamwork, heart,  and solid improvement in a few key areas.

Unfortunately the second half of play did not reflect the same effort and poise.  As communication broke down so did confidence.  Wheeler’s well-oiled team played simple soccer with give-and-go passes and by doing so easily moved the ball around Hyde.  The Wolfpack faltered and Wheeler attacked with control and force.  In the forty-fourth minute they added another goal and continued to add a point every three or four minutes into the sixtieth minute .  The second half of the match provided a valuable crucible for team dynamics.  With a week until the Wolfpack’s next game, the team is aware of the areas it must improve upon in order to rebuild confidence and turn the season in a positive direction.