One Tie, One Loss for Phoenix BVS vs Richmond, Mt. Ararat

Phoenix earn result in first game

Hyde-Bath: 2
Richmond: 2

The Hyde Bath JV soccer team earned a 2-2 tie in their first game of the season vs Richmond. The Phoenix were led by senior John Westmoreland who scored two goals on breakaways.

How great it is to be back, writing JV SOCCER WRITEUPS! After a tough preseason that lasted 2 weeks and involved lots of games, drills and competition, the lads were back on the glorious turf looking to improve on last year’s campaign. For all of our fans at home…. The past 5 years we have gone from 0 wins, to 1 win, to 2 wins, to 3 wins…. See the pattern? Hopes were high as we laced up our boots and jogged out on the synthetic surface.

One area of improvement this season is the athleticism of the lads. Headlined by  an attacking trio of Henry Tao, Westmoreland and freshman Nolan Berry, the Phoenix present issues for opposing teams. This was clear as the whistle blew. Within 5 minutes, Tao sent beautiful pass to Westmoreland who finished with skill. 1-0 to the Phoenix.

As we took an early lead, we also learned an important lesson: Richmond does not give up. A spirited attack from the visitors at the end of the first half made it 1-1 and put the game in doubt. How would we respond?

Another key member of the Phoenix this season is goalkeeper Jack Coray.  Coray is entering his first season as a keeper and has already shown great potential. In the second half, Coray kept the Phoenix in the game with timely saves and solid distribution. As Westmoreland ran past the defenders for his second goal, he pointed at his keeper…. a lovely gesture!

Unfortunately, the Phoenix were unable to hold on and gave up a late equalizer. 2-2 at the final whistle… we’ll take it and look to improve. Other solid performances came from Sam Walters at midfield, Bernard He at sweeper and Khaliel Depass at Left back.

Phoenix suffer loss on road

Hyde-Bath: 1
Mt. Ararat: 3

On Wednesday, the Phoenix took to the road for the first time in bus 6. Luckily the game was only 15 minutes away as bus 6 is AWFULLY small. No matter… we were prepared yet fell to regional power Mount Ararat, 3-1. The score was not fully indicative of the effort, as the game was in the balance until the last 2 minutes.

We started out slow. That’s the truth and it cost the visiting team the game. Adjusting to a new turf and travel can be difficult for a JV team and we were no exception. Within 10 minutes of play, the Phoenix found themselves down 2-0 at the hands of an extremely talented striker on Mount Ararat… #22. Great pace by the youngster. We responded admirably. Senior Henry Tao earned a PK and slotted the ball in left corner with skill. 2-1 Arat.

The Phoenix showed a desire and toughness in the second half. Defenders Wells Lawson and Chris Trombetta battled the entire game and Freshman Nolan Berry created opportunities on the right wing with pace and solid passing. A highlight…. Triangle passing from Captain James Kirby, Berry and Connor Gray created a great scoring chance… unfortunately, we couldn’t tie it up. Arat scored a late goal and we dropped this one, 3-1.

Good news? We play again FRIDAY against rival Gould. It’ll be a great measuring stick for our young team. Onward!