I have been a bit slow and silent on this blog lately because I’ve been focused on my #50reasonstoreturn series on the Facebook Hyde 50th Anniversary/Reunion page.  If you steer your browser over there you’ll see that it’s a Closed Group.  However, as one of the designated gatekeepers, I’ll be glad to open the door should you want to enter.

If you do — and you should! — you’ll see a range of reasons why 600+ folks have already registered to return to Bath for this weekend’s celebration (6/3-5).

There are people to see…207 Claire

Things to reacquaint with…50 bell 11Food to eat…

This small collection of buildings sit quietly in the early morning fog. On a busy summer day the area can be filled with tourists and sightseers eating lobster and other seafood with one of the prettiest views in Maine.

Trees to climb…50 Unbrella 5And flowers to smell along the way…

50 rhodo 9

So, check it out.

Onward, Malcolm Gauld