Phoenix Track And Field Are MAISAD Champs

MAISAD Track Meet – 5/14/16 at Hebron Academy

It was surely a great day to be a Phoenix this past Saturday, May 14, at the MAISAD Championship meet held at Hebron Academy. On the most beautiful day of the spring season, the Hyde School Men’s Track & Field Team won the meet with absolutely amazing performances from all athletes. The women showed their heart and improvement, earning a victory in effort, attitude, grit and grace.

Men’s Meet:

  1. Hyde             115
  2. Hebron             77
  3. Seacoast 42
  4. NYA             17

The runners owned the day, earning 78 of the team’s points, with the field athletes putting the icing on the victory with their solid performances as well.

Before the running began, Devon Stanford ’16 took 2nd and Dan Morgenstern ’16 5th in the discus, Khaleil DePass ‘17 1st in the long jump, Evans Kagame ’16 1st in the high jump (with a season PR of 5’06”), and Serge Mudogo ’18 2nd in the high jump. The field team continued its solid performance as the meet continued, with Stanford earning two more 2nd place finishes in the shot put and javelin, and Max Winsten ’16 earning a 2nd place finish with a PR in the triple jump.

The track saw amazing performances from all athletes. Yihang Li ’17 once again kicked off the events with a 1st place finish in the 110HH, followed by a total domination in the 100m dash with Trevor Saucier ‘16 taking 1st, Serge Mudogo ’18 2nd, and Alex Hilton ‘17 4th (PR for Hilton!). Saucier followed this with a 1st place finish in the 200m and a phenomenal anchor run for the 4x100m relay. Mudogo also helped the 4×100 relay with the 1st place finish, along with Hilton, who also earned 3rd in the 200. The 1500m run gave Demeke Geremew ’17 his first victory of the day, while Evan Davis ’17 took 4th and Zeke Clement ’18 earning a well-deserved PR for the race. Geremew followed this performance with 1st place finishes in the 800m and 3000m as well! Davis also took 2nd in the 3000m run, then an amazing marathon performance the next day at the Sugarloaf Marathon in Kingston, ME!

Evans Kagame ’16 had his best meet of the season. After a 1st place finish in the high jump, he finished 2nd in the 800 with an amazing run (and PR), and was a pivotal member of the 4x400m relay team, placing a very close 2nd. Teammates Mudogo, DePass, and Bernard He ’17 rounded out the impressive 4×400 relay team.

Trevor Saucier and Demeke Geremew were in a neck and neck race for meet MVP, both with three first place finishes and the most points for the team score. Both proved to be inspiring candidates, with Demeke taking home the deserving honor.

It was an amazing day filled with inspiring performances, great team camaraderie, and a championship!!

2016 MAISAD Champions…

Yihang Li ‘17                        110HH

Trevor Saucier ‘16            100m, 200m, 4x100m relay

Demeke Geremew ‘17            800m, 1500m, 3000m, MEET MVP!

Evans Kagame ‘16            High Jump

Khaleil DePass ’17            Long Jump

Bernard He ’17            4x100m relay

Alex Hilton ’17                        4x100m relay

Serge Mudogo ’18            4x100m relay

Women’s Meet:

  1. NYA             99
  2. Hebron 97
  3. Seacoast 33
  4. Hyde             14

The Hyde women proved mighty again, never to be counted out even with their small team size. Gloria Feuer ’17 embodied grit with her 1st place finish in the javelin with an amazing personal record. Feuer also took 3rd in the shot put and 5th in the discus. Olivia Keuler ’19 earned a 5th place finish in the shot put. Timesha Walker ’17 showed incredible improvement in her 100m dash time, earning 5th place in both the 100m and 200m. The highlight of the day was the inspiring 4x100m relay team of Timesha Walker, Heaven Redd, Shirley He, and Gloria Feuer. In their first race, the girls were smooth in their hand offs and earned a 3rd place finish.

For four year senior Heaven Redd, it was a cathartic and moving meet experience. Having earned a 3rd place finish her freshman year in the 400m run, Heaven competed in the same event, on the same track three years later with more physical limitations than she could have predicted during that 2013 race. She crossed the finish line 14 seconds faster than she ran a year ago, inspiring all spectators with her ‘no excuses’ mentality and grit.

Those athletes who qualified for the New England Championship Meet over the course of the season will complete with the ‘best of the best’ in Division III NE Track and Field on Saturday May 21 at Hyde School in Woodstock, CT.

Coach Folan