City of Bath Arbor Week events spotlights Hyde’s “Keebler Elf” tree

Keebler Elf tree

You may have passed these trees hundreds of times and not noticed that they were special. The Camperdown Elm, Latin name Ulmus glabra ‘Camperdownii,’ on the front lawn of the Hyde School on High Street, is one of those odd trees. The elm, affectionately known as the Keebler Elf tree by countless generations of Hyde students, will be celebrated on May 18, with a ceremony and a plaque.

“The tree was chosen for its age, size, and stature on the lawn,” said Kyle Rosenberg, city arborist. Rosenberg will be on hand tree-side to apply the plaque in a short ceremony.

In addition, Elizabeth Haskell, Chairman of the Bath Community Forestry Committee, informed Hyde School president Malcolm Gauld that the school was being recognized by the board with the Outstanding Landscaping Award.

The public is welcome to the 10 AM ceremony and is invited to take a tour of the Hyde Campus, the trees and the gardens with Hyde staff, the City arborist and the BCFC Committee members. Refreshments will be served on the Hyde mansion veranda.