Wolfpack Track and Field vs PAS

Hyde vs PAS, April 27 2016

Hyde: 5
PAS: 133

The girls, in spite of their odds and their results, had a competitive attitude and enduring spirit that helped them to finish their meet honorably.  For the girls, Allegra Wetterings ’16 made a strong effort in the high hurdles, finishing a second before the winning competitor.  Elsa Zhang ’17, for the girls’ throwers, finished first of the Hyde competitors in both the javelin and shotput events, demonstrating her leadership in skill with the girls’ field events.  Coco Cai ’17 performed best out of the Hyde female throwers, with a throw measuring 57’8”.  Kim Xu ’16 made a superb effort in the 100 meter spring, finishing with a time of 17.06s.  The ladies are committed to this season and continue to show good efforts and attitudes.

Hyde: 69
PAS: 76

The Hyde wolf pack went into this track meet with a determination, knowing the challenge that they were up against. Their forward thinking and attitude paid off when they were able to close the margin of victory for the other team significantly. Although still a loss overall, the determination they have shown impressed even the competing coaches.  For the boys, Victor Wright ’17 had a good show at the discus, throwing 85′ and inching ever closer to a qualifying throw for New Englands.  Christian Kazoora-Masasa ’17 placed third overall in the same event, finishing second among his teammates and demonstrating a refined skill for an event he has practiced hard at.  Jordan Burney ’16 also showed a distinguishing effort at the meet, placing first in the 100m and second in the high hurdles.  Andrew West ’17 contributed a great time of 4:33.31 in the 1500m and another impressive run in the 3000m, this time at 10:56.09.  Overall, this meet was a very close call, and we are proud to have put a strong competitor on the ropes.  Hyde Wolfpack is ready to take on their next challenge!

Coach Richard