Phoenix Tennis Falls to Gould 0-5

Hyde School           0
Gould Academy    5

Hyde traveled to Bethel, Maine on Saturday, April 30 to take on the class of this year’s MAISADs, Gould Academy. It was a glorious day for tennis.

First Singles (loss)

Lucas McCabe               0              0

Clay Gilmour                6              6

Second Singles (loss)

Henry Tao                     0            0

Guillermo Mateus        6            6

Third Singles (loss)

Tony Fu                0             1

Wyman Ward        6             6

First Doubles (loss)

Mark Chen & Shawn Shao              0         0

Joaquin Martinez & Luis Lloret     6         6

Second Doubles (loss)

Max Wolinsky & Se Jun Kim        1            1

Jim Lo & Harry Zhu                    6            6


With several members of our team unavailble, Hyde again fielded some singles players who earlier this season were practicing to play doubles. Playing at #1, Lucas McCabe ’18 faced off against an opponent Hyde has come to know well. Lucas commented that they had much the same, patient style of play, but that his opponent was better at it than he was. I can not disagree. The Gould’s #1, perhaps the best among this year’s MAISAD players, either outlasted Lucas, or set up short balls that he could put away. Hopefully Lucas will be inspired to put some more work into his game after this experience. Playing at #2, Henry Tao ’18 had a bit more than he could handle in his opponent. This young Spaniard, who apparently comes from a very competitive tennis playing background, was surgical in his approach, striking consecutive winners on many occasions. Henry tried to move him around more, and to find the right position from which to return serve, but this was too tall an order for him at this time. Tony Fu ’19, playing in his first singles match, fought hard against a very capable #3 singles player. Tony plays without regard for the score — in the best sense! He is out there to compete, and to learn, and if he is not yet winning, to try something new and different – that might work(!) I am proud of the effort Henry put forth, and the growth he showed over the course of the match, but a victory was not to be had on this particular afternoon.

I happily granted Shawn Shao ’16‘s request to play with Mark Chen ’18 at #1 doubles. The two boys enjoy each other’s company on the court, and communicate well together. Unfortunately, they were facing opponents who were a little too tough for them on this day. Shawn and Mark put their best foot forward, battling in point after point, many of which lasted much longer than the score of the match would suggest, but they obviously ended up on the wrong side of this one. With Duncan O’Rourke ’16 ailing, Se Jun Kim ’18 paired with Max Wolinsky ’18 at #2 doubles. What competitors! Se Jun is a relative newcomer to the game of tennis, and Max’s experience has also been limited, but both boys expect to compete with whomever they are playing. This was a tough assignment, but Se Jun and Max’s grit and determination – more than their raw tennis skill – led to their winning more games than any of their teammates on this day. Credit to them for fighting until the end no matter the odds.

There are no two ways about it: Gould schooled us, sending us home to lick our wounds, and prepare for our next match against Kents Hill this Saturday, May 7. With two of our singles players returning, and ample time to prepare, I look forward to a very strong effort against last year’s MAISAD champs.

Coach Weymar