Kents Hill Tops Phoenix Tennis 5-0

Hyde School            0
Kents Hill School    5

MAISAD rival Kents Hill School traveled to Bath on Wednesday, April 27 to face Hyde in the Joseph Gauld Athletic Center.

First Singles (loss)

Lucas McCabe           1              1

Sam Onion                6              6

Second Singles (loss)

Henry Tao                     4            5

Jaxon Friedman           6            7

Third Singles (loss)

Mark Chen                1             1

Tomas Battistini        6             6

First Doubles (loss)

Duncan O’Rourke & Tony Fu            4         2

Owen MacDonald & Jose Soler      6         6

Second Doubles (loss)

Max Wolinsky & Jack Wu                            1            3

Sebastian Hogye & Jose Prunty Russo      6            6


With several members of our team unavailble, Hyde fielded some fresh faces among our singles players. Lucas McCabe ’18 stepped up to play #1. Facing an opponent with a very similar game — moving the ball around the court, trying to push each other out of position to force an error — Lucas battled hard, but was unable to peel the Onion. Lucas managed to hold back the tears, but this match went to the more patient, and steadier player on the day. Henry Tao ’18, slotting in at #2, pushed his young foe to the limit in a contest that proved to be a match of nerves. Henry’s opponent featured a huge, but erratic game. Henry hung tough, returning laser forehand after laser forehand, often to see the next one go into the net, or off the court. Back and forth, back and forth, Henry held his own, but credit to the Kents Hill player for keeping it in play when it mattered most, and pulling out the victory. Playing his first singles match of the year, Mark Chen ’18 had his hands full from the start. His opponent seemed more comfortable developing points, patiently moving the ball around and waiting for errors, which Mark, perhaps a bit nervous, provided. This was a good learning experience for Mark, and I look forward to seeing his improvement the next time he takes the court on his own.

Senior Duncan O’Rourke ’16 teamed with brand new freshman Tony Fu ’19, and proved to be a formidable #1 doubles team. Facing a hard-serving, but erratic duo, Duncan and Tony played some terrific points. They were characteristically aggressive at net, poaching shamelessly, but they also covered the court especially well, even hitting an occasional backhand. Alas, Kents Hills’ top duo was able to focus on the big points and pull the match out. Max Wolinsky ’18 paired with Jack Wu ’19 at #2 doubles. Both tough competitors, Max and Jack battled hard, but they were facing an uncommonly skillful #2 doubles team. Many shots that might have been good enough against another opponent came back, forcing another, better shot that was not always forthcoming.

This Saturday, May 7, we will travel to Kents Hill for a rematch. I expect to have two of our singles back for this match, and so look forward to an even more competitive match as a team.