#50reasonstoreturn Nos. 4-7

More reasons to return to Bath for the Hyde @

50 Am Spi

Reason #4: View “America’s Spirit” and other Bob Bertschy original paintings.  This one has been hanging in The Mansion since the late 70s.  Never fails to bring back memories!

50 Unbrella 5

Reason #5: Climb up into the Umbrella Tree and put a scare into people walking underneath.

50 bird chick 6

Reason #6: The  Bird-Watching.  While all 3 might qualify for the distinction, only 1 is the official state bird. You can find all 3 species pretty much anywhere from Kittery to Eastport.

50 bird flamingo 6

One will never fail to find you, even in the pitch dark… In fact, especially then.

50 bird mosq 6

Reason #7: Get your ionic on.

50 ionic 7
The Mansion remains one of Hyde’s truly wonderful things.

Onward, Malcolm Gauld