Phoenix Track & Field vs Hebron Academy/North Yarmouth Academy, 4/9/16

Hebron Academy/North Yarmouth Academy Track Meet – 4/9/16

The boys and girls track teams traveled to Hebron Academy for their first track meet of the season.  We competed against Division III Hebron Academy and North Yarmouth Academy (NYA).  Though a bit blustery, it was a beautiful day for a track meet and the team showcased wonderful competitive spirit, team camaraderie, and immense potential for the season.

In the season debut, the boys team opened with a first place finish with several impressive times and marks.  The girls, with only seven competitors, also showcased great baselines to build upon for the season.

Men’s Meet:

1.      Hyde                90

2.      Hebron                        80

3.      NYA                 39

In the very first event of the season, Yihang Li ’17 took 1st place in the 110m hurdles with a time of 21.11.  Hyde also had 1st and 3rd place finishers in the 100m dash from Serge Mudogo ’18 and Trevor Saucier ’16, although the race was actually started at the 110m line… our short distance runners were surely not pleased by the extra distance, but showed great tenacity nonetheless.  Saucier continued his solid meet performance with a 2nd place finish in the 200m, as well as anchoring the 2nd place 4x100m relay team of Bernard He ‘17, Alex Hilton ‘17, and Yihang Li ‘17Hilton also took 3rd in the 200m with a time of 26.02, while He took 3rd in the 300m hurdles with a time of 51.59.  Capping off the sprinters/jumpers impressive day, high point scorer of the meet, Serge Mudogo followed his first place finish in the 100m by taking 1st in the 400m (56.09) and 1st place in the high jump, clearing 5’8” on his first ever high jump attempt.

With Mudogo’s first place in the high jump, the Field team also showcased great efforts on the day.  Dan Morgenstern ‘16 took 3rd place in the shot put with a mark of 34’9”, while Devon Stanford ‘16 took 1st place in the discus with a mark of 120’0” (21 feet further than the 2nd place finisher) and 2nd place in the shot put (35’11”).

The Distance Squad had its own inspiring day.  Kicking off the distance season, Hyde runners took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the 1500m run.  Meet standout Demeke Geremew ’17 soared through the race with a time of 4:34, followed by Evan Davis ’17 with a personal record of 5:23.  Jack He ’18 became a new man when the gun started the race.  Jack settled into a steady pace, then put his all into the finish to secure 3rd place with a time of 5:37.  It was a wonderful moment in the meet.  In the 800m, Evans Kagame ’16 pushed through his first race with a 2nd place finish (2:30).  To cap off the men’s track events, Geremew and Davis took 1st and 2nd in the 3000m.  Geremew flew by competitors in a time of 9:57 and Davis following with a time of 11:47.  Taddel Tuo ‘18, in his first race, pushed through for an awesome 3rd place finish with a time of 14:09.

Other hardworking track athletes began their season with great efforts…

Huy Pham ’17             28:28 in the 200m and 1:05 in the 400.

Jason Wang ‘16          1:02 in the 400m

Shane Molinari ‘19     30:94 in the 200m and 1:15 in the 400

Scoring in nearly every event and conducting themselves with grace and sportsmanship, there is much to be proud of in this first season meet.

Women’s Meet:

1.      Hebron            91

2.      NYA                 44

3.      Hyde                20

With only three female runners and four female throwers, the women’s team showed solid effort in this first meet of the season.  Timesha Walker ’17 took 2nd place in the 100m (15.08) and the 200m (33.45).  Shirley He ’16 gave her all for a 2nd place finish in the 400m (1:23).  Lilly Hannah ’17 started with a great effort to build upon for the season.  On the field, Patricia Mudogo ’17 took 5th in the shot put (19’11”) and 3rd in the discus (43’8”), with Kessia Mugabo ‘17 taking 4th in the discus (35’11.5”) and Kelly Mugabo ‘16 5th in the discus (33’4”).  Olivia Kueler ’19 set solid base marks from which she can grow with the season.


The team hosts the next meet, Saturday April 16 at 1:00, against MAISAD opponents Hebron and Gould.