Phoenix Tennis Battles Gould Academy

Hyde School                0

Gould Academy    5


Gould traveled to Bath on Saturday, April 16 to face off at the Edward J McMann Outdoor Athletic Complex. It was a beautiful day for tennis.


First Singles (loss)

Connor Gray                    1              0

                Clay Gilmour            6              6


Second Singles (loss)

John Westmoreland             0            1

                Guillermo Mateus        6            6


Third Singles (loss)

John Westmoreland          1             0

                Wyman Ward              6             6


First Doubles (loss)

                Mark Chen & Henry Tao                          0         0

                Joaquin Martinez & Luis Lloret   6         6


Second Doubles (loss)

Duncan O’Rourke & Se Jun Kim        1            3

                Jim Lo & Harry Zhu                        6            6



Facing his first challenge of the year, Connor Gray ’17 finally met his match. His opponent played a very similar game to Connor’s — very steady, and judicious in his attack — but Connor’s opponent was a little more patient, and a little steadier on the day. Rally after rally, Connor was right there, but would eventually succumb to a lapse of concentration, and an error. I have no doubt that Connor can challenge his opponent. Unfortunately, Connor will miss our match at Gould in a week and a half so hopefully these two will be able to play each other again in the MAISAD tournament. Gould’s #2 looked every bit as strong as their #1, if not stronger. Michael Siben ’17 had his hands full from the get go, as his opponent applied relentless pressure, stepping in to put away any balls Michael left short. Michael fought valiantly, but this was an unenviable assignment. Better movement will help us get into better position to strike the ball, and keep some pressure on, and hopefully turn the tables on this young man. John Westmoreland ’17 again came out of the gate very slowly, but by the end of the first set he was moving around the court much more comfortably, getting into long rallies, and putting pressure on his very capable opponent. John’s match seemed much closer than the score. A shot here, or a shot there, and some of the deuce games could have gone the other way. This will be another very interesting rematch.

Mark Chen ’18 and Henry Tao ’18 never really got started against their opponents at #1 doubles. Again, movement was a key to this match. Gould moved the ball around the court well, and with good pace, and Mark and Henry struggled to return their opponents’ shots effectively. A shout out to returning letterman Henry for recognizing what needed to be done, and communicating this patiently to his partner, even it this was not sufficient to earn a better result. Returning doubles specialist Duncan O’Rourke ’16 paired with Se Jun Kim ’18 in the most competitive match of the day at #2 doubles. Our boys’ play was somewhat erratic, but there was a moment in the second set when they were hitting on all cylinders, playing focused and aggressive doubles. The results were predictably positive – but followed by a lapse of concentration that led to the boys’ eventual demise.

Gould was the perfect opponent for us to face at this stage of the season. There is no room for complacency after the victories we earned in our first couple of matches. Our competition in the MAISADS is fierce, and we have our work cut out for us in order to rise to the challenge. Our next match will be next Wednesday, April 27th versus Kent’s Hill at home.