Tough Match for Phoenix Tennis vs Hebron

Hyde School            1

Hebron Academy    4

Hyde traveled to Hebron Academy on Wednesday, April 13 to play our first outdoor match of the season on a beautiful, but slightly windy afternoon.

First Singles (win)

                Connor Gray        6              6

                Masa Mita                2              3


Second Singles (loss)

John Westmoreland                    0            5

                Madhurane Muthukuaraswany   6            7


Third Singles (loss)

Henry Tao           0             3

                Max Peng       6             6


First Doubles (loss)

                Mark Chen & Tony Fu                                            4         7 (3)  (3-

                Tadeo Nusser Itarte & Vedant Divekar   6         6       7)


Second Doubles (loss)

Jack Wu & Shawn Shao                                6            1

                Haohan Tang & Angelos Tsalafos    7            6



Connor Gray ’17 had no trouble adjusting to the windy conditions on Hebron’s somewhat exposed courts. He continued his steady play, waiting for errors, but not shy to attack when his opponent offerred him an opportunity. Stepping up to play at #2, John Westmoreland ’17 came out of the gate very slowly, struggling to pick up the ball on a sun dappled court. John used the break between sets for a mental reset, and went back out there knowing that he could compete successfully against his opponent. He jumped out to a quick lead, and then battled to 5-all before succumbing to a worthy foe. I am proud of John for stepping up and giving it all after a rough start. Facing an especially strong #3, Henry Tao ’18 also struggled at the start of the match. Henry was having trouble getting rallies going as his opponent was striking the ball with good pace off of both sides. Henry went back out for the second set with a fresh mindset, however, digging deep and looking like a completely different player than he was in the first set. His opponent graciously acknowledged Henry’s strong effort after the match.

Mark Chen ’18 and Tony Fu ’19 were up and down facing Hebron’s #1 doubles team. They had dominant moments, followed by moments of inattention. After losing the first set, they played much better in the second set, and walked away with the tie-breaker easily. Since the overall match had already been decided, the boys played another tie-breaker to decide their match, but Mark and Tony struggled to maintain the focus they had just demonstrated at the end of the second set, and lost. An excellent lesson in concentration. Shawn Shao ’16 paired with youngster Jack Wu ’19, who was making his competitive debut, in a hotly contested #2 doubles match. Again, our team’s play was up and down, hit and miss. Shawn mixed lots of great, aggressive net play with occasional lapses of concentration. Jack played with a focus and intensity that will earn him additional starts, for sure. On one especially big point, Jack was noticed hopping up and down on his toes, primed to put his best effort forward.

At the end of our match, Coach Smith and I led the players to view a portrait of Duncan O’Rourke’s ’16 great-grandfather, Claude Allen, a celebrated headmaster of Hebron for more than 30 years. A fitting way to end our day after a hard-fought battle. Our next match was over Spring Family Weekend on Saturday, April 16th versus Gould at home, a report of which will be forthcoming shortly.