Early Ice Out

On face value, this photo simply shows me doing two things that I like to do.  The weird part has to do with the “when.”

The photo on the left shows me at the conclusion of a long run on a presumably hot and humid day.  Guess again.  It was taken on Christmas morning (2015).

The photo on the right shows me about to head out for some summer water sports activity.  Nope. It’s Easter morning (yesterday).

I don’t ever remember a Christmas morning as warm as that one.  And I have never paddled across Nequasset Lake in March.  (Last year, I headed out for my first paddle in mid-April and had to turn back: “Ice out” didn’t occur last year until April 18.)

On the one hand, lots of fun.  On the other… Hmmm.  Onward, Malcolm Gauld