Wolfpack Varsity Girls Basketball: Week in Review

GVBB vs. Wheeler February 10, 2016

Hyde-Woodstock – 28  Wheeler – 53

Hyde worked hard to stay play even with Wheeler but they proved too strong.  The wolfpack had its most balanced scoring effort of the season.  Dairy Rojas ’19 had 8 points as did Cameron Yale ’18 Achaita Gakou ’18 had her highest scoring game of the season with 7 points.  Daisy Humsey ’17 chipped in 3 points and Claudia Salhany ’18 added 2 points to the bottom line.  The team is improving offensively which is great to see.  Their next game is Friday against Providence Country Day.


GVBB vs. PCD February 12, 2016

Hyde-Woodstock 14 – PCD 33

Hyde traveled to PCD for their senior night.  Due to injury and travel the team brought some junior varsity players to fill out the bench.  Everyone got significant playing time.  The wolfpack played solid defense in the first half but was having trouble finding the bottom of the net.  In the second half Dairy Rojas ’19 had 6 points and Cameron Yale ’18 and Daisy Humsey ’17 each chipped in 4 points.  Hyde’s next game is at home on Wednesday against the Wooster School.


GVBB vs. Wooster Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hyde-Woodstock 18  The Wooster School 28

Hyde competed against fellow E school Wooster.  The wolfpack played tough defense but again found it difficult to put the ball  in the net.  They were a little stronger than the wolfpack in the shooting department which is why they walked away with the victory.  Dairy Rojas ’19 had 6 points in the offensive effort.  Achaita Gakou ’18 and Daisja Feuer ’17 both had 4 points.  Claudia Salhany ’18 chipped in 2 points.  Allegra Wetterings ’16 and Joanna Ren ’16 had great rebounding games each with 6 respectively.  Hyde plays number 1 Lincoln on Saturday in a league match-up.


GVBB vs. Lincoln

Hyde-Woodstock – 18  Lincoln – 58

The wolfpack were outmatched against number 1 Lincoln.  The girls gave it their all and worked hard on defense but the other team had too many weapons.  What has been impressive is the team’s composure in tough circumstances.  Dairy Rojas ’19 led the team with 11 points.  Tori Luo ’18, Daisy Humsey ’17Allegra,  Wetterings ’16 added  points a piece and Achaita Gakou ’17 chipped in a foul shot for a point.  Hyde travels to St. Andrews another power house in the league on Monday to make up a game that was postponed due to snow.

GVBB vs. St. Andrews

Hyde-Woodstock – 15  St. Andrews – 65

Two tough opponents in a row set the wolfpack back on their heels a little bit.  Hyde struggled to score in the first half only managing to score 2 points.  The girls played somewhat sluggishly in the first 16 minutes but came out with more energy in the second half.  Dairy Rojas ’19 and Achaita Gakou ’18 both scored 5 points Dairy had a 3 pointer and two foul shots while Achaita had a 3 and 2 pointer .  Claudia Salhany ’17 chipped in 2 points.  The team faces off against PCD in a quarter final match-up of the SENE Girls Basketball Tournament on Wednesday at 4:00.