PAS Tops Wolfpack Girls JV Basketball 6-32

Hyde – 6

PAS – 32

Saturday, February 20, the girls JV basketball team traveled to Portsmouth Abbey School. The Hyde girls started the game playing strong defense and were able to limit scoring against. Unfortunately, soft passes and lazy movement to get open, did not allow them many opportunities for scoring. As the first half continued, they began to work harder on offense, trust their teammates more, and created opportunities for shooting. While they struggled with accuracy, their rebounding and continued efforts allowed Elsa Zhang ’17 and Kim Xu ’18 to get points for the team. Hyde ended the first half down 4-28.

Coming together at the half, they discussed how to improve their passing, communication, and use of plays to help them get open and overload the other team’s defense. The second half, Hyde worked well together with new energy and continued to break up the PAS scoring opportunities with rebounding and steals. The game ended with Hyde down 6-32, but the girls worked hard and learned a lot throughout the game. As always everyone worked hard, but stand-out effort was put in by Molly Yue ’18, Katherine Li ’17, Allison Guan ’16, and Elsa Zhang. 

They look forward to another game home on Monday, February 22!