Tough Loss to Wheeler for Wolfpack Girls JV Team, 7-40

Hyde – 7
Wheeler – 40

Wednesday, February 10 the girls JV basketball team hosted the Wheeler School team. With a significant difference in experience on the teams, Hyde struggled to match the level of play of the Wheeler team. Difficulty playing against a full-court press right off the bat, resulted in the Hyde team falling behind by 9 points in the first few minutes. As Wheeler relaxed their defense strategy to half-court, the girls were able to make plays and advance onto the offensive side of the court more in the first half. With some points from Elsa Zhang ’17 and Joyce Zhang ’16, Hyde finished the first half down 5-28.

They gathered for the break to discuss better passing and movement on the court in order to create more scoring opportunities. Taking the court for the second half, Hyde continued to work hard and break down the advances of the Wheeler team. More communication and positive team-work helped the girls to keep the Wheeler team from scoring as easily in the second half. Joyce’s unfortunate injury late in the game, left the girls without their most experienced player. Despite this, one more basket from Kim Xu ’18 helped end the game with significant improvement in play and better understanding of their style of team work. The final score was 7-40. The team looks forward to over a week of time to work on skills before their next game.

Coach Fuller