Phoenix Boys Varsity Team Win Big Over Brewster, 69-40

The Phoenix took on Brewster varsity on Saturday and earned a big victory, 69-40. The win was impressive because of the trip the night before—they had just traveled to Southern CT, lost a close battle and had to lace up the shoes Saturday for a 12:30 tipoff. The power of youth! I personally needed many coffees!

In the first, it was clear that the home team was sharp and hungry—especially on the defensive end. Deflections out of zone and man to man defenses spurred on a dynamic secondary break. Guard Miguel Prieto was a creator—he flirted with a triple double and helped run the show. The highlight of the first half was a dunk by Khalil Depass the sophomore who is coming on as the season comes to PLAYOFF time. Depass also was a disruptor on the defensive end and played a season high in minutes.

The second half was controlled by the Phoenix, primarily due to the three point shooting of Andrew Palermo and Greg Kidger. The two players combined for 6 three’s in the second half as Hyde rolled to a 30 + point lead against a team they only beat by 9 in December.

The Phoenix were led by Prieto ( 15 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists ) and Kidger ( 13 points ).