Hyde-Bath Asian Community Celebrates the Year of the Monkey

The Monkey: People born in the year of the monkey are quick witted, intelligent and playful. They are mischievous but well-intentioned jokesters who love to play pranks but don’t mean to cause harm.

This year, Chinese New Year – The Year of the Monkey – begins on February 8th and lasts until January 27th, 2017. The Hyde Asian community gathered at the Merritt House to celebrate the end of the Year of the Sheep and the beginning of the new year on Saturday with a grand banquet consisting of six different entrees. The celebration was organized by Fan Luo, International Coordinator at Hyde School.

The meal was prepared by Master chef Jack He and his assistants Jack Wu and Chris Zou, with many students pitching in to make the event a success. Nadia led a dumpling making team that consisted of fellow students Jeremy, Grace, Sean Liu, Bernard and Henry. Fan Luo and the Hyde kitchen staff also contributed two hot pots, chicken wings, and scallion noodles to the celebration.

After dinner, most students stayed on to play traditional New Year’s Eve games in which people who lose have to sing or dance. During the games, Alan Wu cooked the evening dessert of “tang yuan” for everyone.

Ms. Luo sends many thanks to Alan Wu and Jason Tang who cleaned all the pots and pans and then also cleaned the kitchen, and also thanks to Sean Liu and Yihang Li for doing the trash run. Thanks go to Jason Tang for trying to lead a clean-up crew, but who ended up cleaning the dining table heroically alone.

To everyone, everywhere, Happy New Year from the Hyde Asian community!