Phoenix Girls Varsity Basketball vs Richmond, Buckfield

Hyde: 17 Richmond: 51

 The girls Varsity Basketball team traveled to Richmond last Tuesday (12/8) to compete in our second season game.  This was a rematch from last year’s MPA Championship game and we knew going in that we were going to compete against an equally tough opponent.

We came out not as strong, making careless turnovers, not crashing the boards, and letting the offense in; we were down 2-14 going into the second quarter.  Timesha Walker ’18 made some steals and sparked our defense, pushing our team to make some great plays in transition.  We narrowed the deficit 10-21 going into the half.  During halftime, our locker room talk consisted of moving without the ball, flashing to the ball and finding the open spaces on the court, and creating an offense.  Richmond took advantage of their offense, capitalizing on turnovers and the shifts in our defense during the third quarter.  Alex Bassinger ’17 and Allie Grover ’17 brought some spark to our team, by Alex boxing out ladies under the hoop and Allie scraping for the ball. Brooke Clement ’19 did a good job on defense with three blocks and handling the ball on offense. Unfortunately, we were not able to reach our full potential in this game, finishing with a 17-51 point loss.  Diamond Brown ’16 was our top scorer with 9 points.

Looking ahead to our next game, we knew that our turnovers and boxing out were a major focus of our team, working on these skills throughout the week during practices.

Hyde: 36 Buckfield: 52

The team then headed to Buckfield on Saturday,12/12 for our third match-up of the season.  We knew that this was a game that we could capitalize on!

We again started off slow putting ourselves in a hole 4-12 going into the second quarter.  As a team, we were not working against their press, using good clean passes versus dribbling the ball up the court.  We also struggled setting up an offense as a team and being ready for the open pass.  Jill Tolman ’16 came in the second quarter and made some great defensive stops and a strong drive to the basket, finding Buckfield’s open spots in their defense. Tolman had 10 rebounds for the game!  Going into the second half, we realized we needed to apply a press ourselves to get back in the game.  Not practicing a press during practice, our girls stepped up and stopped them, going on a 6-point run, lead by Timesha Walker ’18 who had 10 steals for the game.  We also started getting to the follow line by drawing follows and getting the offensive rebounds, particularly Maive McCaffrey ’19 who went 3 for 4 from the line.  With these highlights as a team and for the game, we unfortunately started too late to the finish, settling for a 36-52 loss.

As a team, we learned a lot about what we need to do as a unit and what individual skills that need to be addressed to come together and make our team even stronger.  We head into our final game today before our Christmas break, playing Kents Hill @ 4:00 PM.

Let’s bring one home Lady Phoenix and let our victory bell ring just like Santa’s sleigh bells next week !!!