Wolfpack Girls vs. Wheeler, St. Andrews, Dublin

GVBB vs. Wheeler

Saturday, January 9.2016

Hyde – 22 Wheeler – 49

The wolfpack were back from break and ready to test themselves on the court in a league match-up against Wheeler.  The girls were a little rusty on offense but worked hard defensively.  Wheeler got the best of Hyde on this day with a final score of Wheeler 49 and Hyde 21.  Diary Rojas ’19 led Hyde with 20 points and Allegra Wetterings ’16 chipped in 2 points. The team’s next opponent is St. Andrews on Monday.


GVBB vs. St. Andrews

Monday January 11, 2016

Hyde – 16 St. Andrews – 62

The wolfpack started the week off with a match-up against number 1 St. Andrews.  The team’s mission was to keep their composure no matter what the scoreboard said and keep fighting until the end of the game.  They reached both those goals, however; St. Andrews was too strong in all areas.  Again it was the scoring duo of Diary Rojas ’19 with 15 points and Allegra Wetterings ’16 with a free throw to add to the bottom line. Daisy Humsey ‘ 17 added a great deal of effort on both offense and defense.  Hyde’s next opponent is the Dublin School on Wednesday.


GVBB vs. Dublin School

Wednesday January 13, 2016

Hyde – 19  Dublin School – 49

Hyde faced off against first time opponent Dublin in a Class E match-up.  It was the most balanced offensive effort the team put together with six of nine players scoring.  The defensive effort picked up in the second half.  Unfortunately the wolfpack is struggling to work together on the offensive end of the game.  The team fell to Dublin.  The girl’s next opponent is Williams next Wednesday.  The scoring was as follows; Diary Rojas ’19 – 9, Cameron Yale ’18 2, Allegra Wetterings ’16 2, Aceta Gakou ‘ 18 4, and Daisy Humsey ’17 2 points.