Wolfpack Wrestlers @ Williston

Hyde-CT: 12

Hopkins: 66

            The Wolfpack varsity wrestlers traveled to Williston Northampton School to compete against Hopkins and the host school.  It was our first match of the season and we only had four days to prepare.  The boys were excited to try out their mettle and for many this would be their first live experience.  Unfortunately, many of the new wrestlers learned how exhausting wrestling can be.  Many of our newest guys fell quickly to more seasoned opponents, but we had some great moments on the day.  Devon Churchill ’16 earned his first pin of the season at the 138lb weight class.  Alex Sobel ’16 showed impressive skill in his match and also won by pin.  These two boys earned the 12pts that Hyde put on the board for this match.  Due to missing weight classes, we would ultimately give up 36pts without setting foot on the mat.  Also of note was a victory by Sean Duffy ’16 in an exhibition match at the 160lb weight class, as well as a great take down by Christian Bassette ’15.  Both of these boys are new to the sport and showed some heart and innate talent.  We look forward to watching them develop this season.


Hyde-CT: 6

Williston Northampton School: 54

            The second match of the day was against the host school, Williston Northampton.  They were also a small squad, but still filled the weight classes better than we did.  This meant that we gave up 12pts due to forfeits.  The only points we put on the board were also due to a forfeit earned by Christian Bassette ’15 at the 195lb weight class.  Although this does not sound resoundingly positive, we actually put even more heart into this match.  Dominick Rizzo ’15 almost went the distance with his opponent at the 152lb weight class, but got stuck in the final seconds.  He had his opponent on his back and almost earned the pin, but his exhaustion got the best of him.  Alex Sobel ’16 also went into the third period with a very tough opponent and got caught on his back.  Omar Raddaoui ’16 had a great exhibition in which he displayed strength and speed which will help him grow tremendously this season as he matches these assets with some learned skills.


The best highlights on these days are not on the mat.  They are in the camaraderie that we as coaches watch develop.  The sideline actively cheered, the bus ride was upbeat, and the meals at dinner were full of laughter.  We look forward to watch this bond deepen as the season continues.  Stay tuned on Twitter for updates this coming Wednesday when we wrestle at home against Worcester and Northfield Mount Hermon.  If you can get up to the wrestling room, please come and cheer.

All the best,

Coach Jenkins, Coach Labeef and Coach Lahiff