Wolfpack Boys and Girls XC At Their Best @ 2015 SENE’s

Hyde Woodstock Boys Cross Country at SENE Division Championship

This week, the Wolfpack Boy’s Cross Country team traveled to the Wheeler School in Seekonk, MA for the 2015 fall season SENE championship race. This week’s race was truly a testament to the hard work the boys have put in this fall. The team started the season with very few experienced runners. Over the course of the fall, novice and first-year runners have trained to transform the team into a competitive contender within their division. Out of the eight teams present at this week’s race, the boys came in sixth place, beating teams from St. Andrews and St. Thomas More. Marianapolis placed fifth, beating Hyde with a mere six-point lead. Unfortunately with the absence of Reno Lowder the team was missing its number two runner costing them 30 points or more and keeping them from competing with the top 3 teams.

Veteran runner, Corban Basile ’18 finished fifth out of the 112 runners present with a personal record time of 18:04. For context, Basile opened the season on the Williams School course in New London, CT with a time of 22:10. This week, Basile lived up to his reputation as a top competitor within his division and received individual recognition at the awards ceremony. Since returning from his two-week hiatus, Basile has had three of his best races this season and is walking into the NEPTSA Divison IV Championship meet with tremendous prospects.

The second and third boys to score for the team this week were first-year runners Omar Raddaoui ’17 and Alex Sobel ’17. Raddaoui and Sobel arrived in rapid succession, finishing in the top 25 with times of 21:08 and 21:13, respectively. Raddaoui’s performance this week is not only a personal record, it also establishes his position as a team asset and potential as top division competitor in his senior season. While Sobel did not set a personal record this week, it is important to acknowledge that he continues to recover from injury. Although Sobel was not at his physical best during the race, he gave his best to the team.

After recovering from a minor ankle injury at the Jacober Invitational, first-year runner Charlie Tran (PG) came back ready to give his best. Finishing 35th overall with a personal record time of exactly 22 minutes, Tran was the fourth runner to score for the team. The fifth and final runner to score for the team was veteran runner Thomas Schilling ’16. Schilling has struggled in the past few races to maintain his 3 spot on the team and times have waivered with his commitment, he finished 42nd overall, with a time of 23:09.

While only five runners are able to score for the team, it is important to note some standout personal performances from non-scoring runners. Pietro Agostini ’17, Tom Huang ’17, and Ryan Wang ’18 all established personal record times in the 23 minute range this week. While this week’s performance marks incredible improvement for all three runners, the greatest overall improvement is seen in Tom Huang, who started out his season with times in the mid-late 30’s.

The number of personal records established this week is a continuation of the team’s trend of improvement and clearly illustrates the boy’s commitment to their team and their personal best. While it is disappointing when it doesn’t come together for a big meet, it is important to acknowledge that they built a solid foundation that is sure to pay off next season and in years to come.


Hyde Woodstock Girls Cross Country at SENE Division Championship

This week, the Wolfpack Girl’s Cross Country Team traveled to the Wheeler School in Seekonk, MA for the 2015 fall season SENE championship race. This week’s race marks the third time this season the girls were able to score as a team. Out of the six girl’s teams present, the girls came in sixth place with an overall score of 149 points. The team’s overall performance is not a reflection of the quality of individual performances at this week’s race. Four out of the five girls that ran established personal records, with one runner finishing in the top 20.

For the third consecutive time, novice runner Allison Guan ’16 was the first girl to score for the team this week. Guan finished 20th out of the 64 runners with a personal record time of 25:30. Guan’s performance this week beat her previous personal record of 27:06 and indicates a trend of continuous physical and mental growth. The second two girls to score for the team were Tori Luo ’18 and Chibitora Wu ’16, who also finished with personal record times of 26:22 and 26:30, respectively. While both Wu and Luo performed at their best, Luo’s performance at the team’s division championship meet solidifies her status as the most improved runner on the girl’s team this season. The fourth runner to score for the girls team and establish a personal record was Cameron Yale ’18, who finished 37th with a time of 31:30.

Over the course of the last several weeks, these top four scorers have managed to turn a corner with their training and mental fortitude. For each of these girls, this week’s race marks a commitment to their team, their best, and their growth as runners. While this week’s race provided an opportunity to showcase individual strengths, it also brought the challenge of working as a team to the forefront. For a variety of factors, the girl’s have had very limited opportunities to work and score as a complete team this season. Their lack of experience doing so severely impacted their ability to have success in this area during their division championship. As the girls prepare to compete at the all New England meet, they will need to continue challenging their targeted distance paces and working on translating their tremendous individual efforts into team synergy.