Heartbreaker for Phoenix BVS vs Gould

Hyde School: 4 – Gould Academy: 5

On Wednesday November 4th Gould Academy traveled to Bath to play a match on the turf field.  The game was played under mild, late autumn conditions.

James Kellogg`16 scored the first goal of the game in the 3rd minute of play on an unassisted goal.   Ten minutes later, Gould countered on a 1v1 goal.  In the 20th minute Gould scored again to go up 2-1.  The Phoenix regrouped, and briefly made a defensive stand.  Nolan Lowder`16, Captain Brett Van Vort`16  and Brandon Nelson`16 stemmed the tide and moved the ball out to the midfield, allowing them to create an offensive charge.   Unfortunately, this did not result in any goals.  With less than 3 minutes remaining in the half, Gould scored again to make it 1-3 at the break.

The Hyde boys got further in the hole when they gave up a Penalty Kick in the 64th minute, the result of a hard tackle in the box.  Gould scored again in the 68th minute to go ahead 5-1.  At this point, the Phoenix started scoring goals.  James Kellogg`16 scored another unassisted when he worked the ball in from the left end line and found the back of the net in the 71st minute.  James Lee`16 scored on a crafty chip shot from outside the 18 yard box, 3 minutes later, to bring the score to 5-3.  With the momentum in their favor, the Phoenix managed another goal in the 77th minute when Kyler Hella`17 scored on a corner kick.  The boys worked hard to tie it up, and nearly did, but ultimately ran out of time.

This was a tough one.  They made a real effort to dig themselves out of the hole they got into, but were not able to do it.  As their coach, it was great to see them fight for the win.  There have been many games where they show great promise and played well.  The trouble has been in doing it for an entire 90 minutes.

-coach Smith