Girls JV Soccer Ends a Tough Game Down 0-3 Against Wheeler


Woodstock (October 8, 2015) – Last Thursday, the girls JV soccer team hosted Wheeler School in a tough match. With some injuries on the team, we were offered some help from our varsity team in order to have a couple subs. The game began with a majority of the game played on our defensive half. The back line, including Joyce Zhang ’16, Allegra Weterrings ’16, Penny Zheng ’18, and Nina Janjigian ’18 played aggressive defense and kept the Wheeler offense out of the middle of the field. The midfield tested their endurance in supporting the forwards while making advances onto the other half of the field. In numerous attempts through the game, Alexis Bourgoin ’17 helped move the ball down field supported by Elsa Zhang ’17 and Kim Xu ’18 to pressure the Wheeler goal and take a few promising shots. At the half, Hyde was down by one and they came together to discuss better communication, maintaining position, and spreading the field.

In the second half, the Hyde girls continued to work hard and continued to put pressure on the Wheeler defense, however struggled to find the back of the net. Molly Yue ‘18, Francie O’Neill ’16, Katherine Li ’17, and Sandy Qian ’18 continued to show their strength in offense and defense, in helping all over the field, while Lizz Slivnick ’17 had a strong game in goal. Even though the team ended the game 0-3, Hyde had their best match of the season playing at their best and elevating their level of play and showing a significant improvement in understanding the field and working as a team.


## Go WOLFPACK! ##