Wolfpack Girls Varsity Soccer vs Williams

Wolfpack vs. Williams: 2-8

(New London, CT – October 31) – Disorganized and unfocused, the Hyde Girls Varsity Soccer team traveled to New London to, once again, face-off against Williams School. The teams last met on October 17, with a heartbreaking score of 0-4; but this weekend at least allowed Hyde a few goals, despite another overall loss of 2-8.

The first half was, as they say, “rough.” With only one substitute available, Hyde players found themselves switching positions on the field, running more than their fair share, and generally becoming more and more confused as exhaustion and frustration took their toll. Alexis Bourgoine ’17 had a beautiful shot on goal around minute 35, but other than that one bright moment, the majority of play was a battle on our defensive half. Allegra Wetterings ’16 anchored the defensive line, with outstanding support from Junior Varsity players Caramia Davis ’16 and Nina Jangigian ’18.  By the end of the half, Hyde was down 0-5.

After making a drastic move – substituting the eternally optimistic and loyal Tracy He ’16 into the goal – the Wolfpack finally began to function as a pack. Positive communication improved, a sense of humor blossomed, and, only a few minutes in, Maddie O’Connor scored her second goal of the season! Williams did not fail to answer with another goal of their own, however, and play battled on. Eventually, the coaches were forced to sub out the injured Georgia Horelick ’17, leaving only 10 players on the pitch. But, under immense pressure, Diary Rojas ’19 managed a brilliantly smooth pass to Bourgoine, who scored inside the penalty box. The final score stood at 2-8, but the Wolfpack left the field with their heads held high.

– Coach Mahoney