Playing with the Hand you are Dealt: Phoenix VF vs Portsmouth Abbey

Score:  Hyde:  18                 Portsmouth Abby School: 47

Fifty seconds into the game, Abby #29 Jonas Echeandia rambled off tackle 35 yards for a touchdown and the Phoenix found themselves in familiar territory.  Brett Gerry ’16 (12 carries for 89 yards) in his first game back since September, helped the Phoenix drive from their 27 yard line to the Abby 31 before the drive stalled and forced a punt.  Abby responded with two more TD’s from #20 Chris Weiss to close the first quarter 0 – 20.  Weiss would prove to be the joker in the Abby hand as he would score 5 of the 7 Abby touchdowns.  Shemar Jack ’16 answered the call at the 4:51 mark, as he turned a broken play into a 25 yard TD behind key blocks from Max Hewitt ’18 and Jake Durkin ’16.  However, 2 minutes later Abby’s #22 Bailey Carter would score again, this time from the air with a 22 yard TD reception to close the half with the score Hyde:6 – Abby: 33.

The third quarter saw Jack and Gerry again take the ball to the Abby 30 yard line, however, an interception negated the drive and Abby added six more points to close the 3rd at Hyde:6 – Abby: 39.  The Hyde defense toughened and stalled Abby drives behind the tackling of Jake Durkin ’16, Jarrett Torriere ’16 and Brett Gerry ’16.

The fourth quarter opened with Shemar Jack ’16 (7 carries for 114 yards running and 5 catches for 67 yards in the air) out-sprinting the Abby defenders for an 80 yard TD romp for his second score of the game.  Jack, Gerry and Durkin stifled the Abby offense and forced a punt 3 minutes later.  Jack took the punt on the 20 yard line and again out-sprinted Abby 80 yards for the score to close the gap to Hyde:18 – Abby: 39.  Weiss added his 5th score and the game ended Hyde: 18 – Abby: 47.