Rocky Times at Rocky Hill – Wolfpack GVS Loses 0-3

(Rocky Hill, RI – October, 22) – Emotions ran high and spirits were elevated at the Hyde Varsity Girls match against the Rocky Hill School, and despite an even match of skill, the Hyde Wolfpack was routed 0-3. From the outset, the girls could sense it would be a tough match – Rocky Hill were certainly were stronger in terms of size and strength, but Hyde’s fitness drills have been paying off! To encourage a more aggressive offense, Alexis Bourgoin ’17 was pushed up to forward, whereas Diary Rojas ’19, a typically fast and flexible player, was pushed back to midfield. The players were thrown by the switch, but with junior Georgia Horelick ’17, and senior Tracy He ’16, also pushing offensively, Hyde had more scoring opportunities than any other game. Melissa Leventhal ’16 had a fantastic game on the right wing, working hard to shut down Rocky Hill’s offensive runs, and making a few stellar runs herself. As the game continued, play became more aggressive, resulting in rising tension, and necessitating drastic changes in the line-up. Junior Varsity player Claudia Salhany ’18, stepped up to support the midfield, and senior Francie O’Neill ’16, took on the huge responsibility of goalkeeping, and performed with humility and seriousness. Notably, Joyce Zheng ’16, had an excellent showing in midfield, transitioning easily between offense and defense, and keeping a level head and a strong foot on the ball. In the second half, the tension between the two teams reached an emotional high point, but Hyde performed, as per usual, with grace and sportsmanship. Losing to such an evenly matched team was heart-wrenching, but the Wolfpack is ready for the biggest match of the season – Bath!


Coach Mahoney