Wolfpack GVS Falls to Williams 0-4 in Round 1 Matchup

Hyde: 0
Williams: 4

(Woodstock, CT – October 17) Hyde played our first of two games against the Williams School, and suffered a tough loss on our own turf on Family Weekend (final score: 0-4). The GVS team once again showed great improvement in the midfield, with Melissa Leventhal ’16 and Maddie O’Connor ’17 particularly vicious on the wings, and Tracy He ’16 leaving her usual position as striker to do quite well in the central midfield. Although Williams maintained possession at least sixty percent of playing time, the majority of the game was played in the midfield area, necessitating quick transitions between offensive and defensive mind-frames. Hyde’s defensive line was, as usual, strong, but struggled defending William’s perfectly executed wall passes. Despite praiseworthy hustle, the defense and midfield were not as technically sound as the Williams offense, and their strikers capitalized on our lapses. However, a healthy rivalry is established, and the Wolfpack ladies are eager to meet and beat Williams on their own turf in two weeks!

Coach Mahoney