Hyde Wolfpack Girls JV Soccer Wins First Game!

Hyde: 3
Williams: 1

(Woodstock, CT, October 17) – On a crisp Saturday afternoon, the Girls JV Soccer finally pulled out a win! Maybe it was the energy of having families on campus over the weekend, or maybe it was the persistent and unwavering drive and commitment from the team, but the JV girls soccer team was a force to be reckoned with. With help from a few of the Varsity team members, we were able to start the game strong. Alexis Bourgoin ’17 stepped on to the field ready to fight. Within the first two minutes of the game, Alexis had a beautiful goal, swiftly followed by another goal at 25 minutes, and a third goal towards the end of the first half. This was Alexis’ first hat trick of the season. After the first half, without any more support from Varsity players and up 3 points, our sole focus was on defending our goal. Nina Janjigian ’18 proved herself to be a tenacious and tough defender, and worked beautifully with midfielders Sandy Qian ’18, Molly Yue ’18, and Vivian Yu ’17. Lizz Slivnick ’18 once again proved to be a powerhouse goalie, only allowing one goal in the second half. She quickly got the ball out of our defensive area after many saves with some stellar punts down the field. It was a great feeling to be able to ring the winning bell as a team for the first time this season! Let’s keep it going JV Girls Soccer!