Tough Loss to Wheeler for Wolfpack GVS

Hyde: 0
Wheeler: 6

(Woodstock, September 30) – On a windswept fall day, the Hyde Wolfpack lost to Wheeler School 0-6. Wheeler came out strong and dominated from the start, with two fast goals. But the Hyde defense battled on, anchored by Leah Taylor ’16. After twenty solid minutes of play, the Hyde midfield began to break down, and expended much of their energy chasing the more experienced Wheeler offense across the field. With leadership from Alexis Bourgoin ’17 in the center, and freshman Diary Rojas ’19 playing an aggressive game up top at forward, the Wolfpack proved that they had heart and dedication, despite their struggle executing technique. Hyde simply could not compete with Wheeler’s ball control and top-notch passing, and as the half progressed, emotions heightened, and resulted in a breakdown in confidence and teamwork. In the second half, Joanna Ren ‘16 came out swinging with a couple of breakaways, eliciting cheers from the fans on the sidelines and her teammates on the bench. Despite Wheeler’s three second-half goals, the Hyde defense remained unfazed, particularly Coco Cai ‘17 who played the entire game, and the injured but determined Allegra Wetterings ’16. As the game wound down, Hyde began working closely together, maintaining position and covering for each other – very important lessons for us to learn. We plan to spend our next few days of practice working on passing, positioning, and shooting, as we chase our first win of the season!


## Go WOLFPACK! ##