Hyde Wolfpack GVS Defeated by Marianapolis 0-9

 (Thompson, CT, October 3) – The Hyde Girls Varsity Soccer Team took the pitch across from the equally young Marianapolis varsity squad, and ultimately ended up losing 0-9. Despite a week of very strong practices, the odds were stacked against the Wolfpack – with only twelve players on the roster, the girls knew they were in for a grueling game. But for the first time this season, the Hyde girls found themselves with opportunities to pressure the ball offensively. Instead of taking advantage of these newfound possibilities, however, they were stunned by the amount of space and time they were allowed, and squandered it in their surprise. Marianapolis capitalized on Hyde’s uncertainty, and scored four successive goals within the first quarter. Morale was low, and then Tracy He ’16, sprained her ankle, forcing to her quit the game, and Hyde lost their one sub. Tired, and with frayed nerves, Hyde battled on, but were promptly scored on three more times. Once again, Daisy Humsey ‘17 had fantastic saves in the goal, but was sidelined at the end of the half with an injury. Once more, Hyde was down a player, and the very sportsmanlike Marianapolis agreed to play down a player. Maddie O’Connor ’16, much to her team’s delight, stepped up to take Humsey’s spot in goal, an act of courage that re-energized the team for the second half.  With a clear goal in mind – completing passes – the Wolfpack made a much better showing in the final thirty minutes. Alexis Bourgoin ’17, Joanna Ren ’16, Mel Leventhal ’16, and, in a new position, Allegra Wetterings ’16, started to gel as a midfield unit, stringing together passes and communicating productively. Despite the two final goals scored in the second half, Hyde ended the game on a high note, mostly made possible by the incredibly gracious Marianapolis team. We look forward to another week of practice and preparation before our upcoming game against PCD!

Coach Mahoney

## Go WOLFPACK! ##