Phoenix JV Girls Team Fights Hard, Falls to Hebron 1-11

Hyde: 1
Hebron: 11

The girls Junior Varsity Soccer team traveled to Hebron Academy on Wednesday, September 23rd for a three o’clock game. On an especially warm first day of autumn, there was enthusiasm in the air.
Before spirits could falter, with a ball at her feet, Olivia Speiga ’17 broke toward the goal, and sent a clean shot just past the goalie’s fingertips… hugging the net, a first goal of the season. Celebrations had to be silenced by the referee.

Other highlights included; the unstoppable Alyssa Larson ’18 in defense. An awesome failed attempt at a slide tackle on Zoe Zhao ’17 as she leapt like a gazelle through the chaos. That girl is fast! Katelyn Lambert ’16 inspired all with a beautiful header to control possession of the ball. Mackenzie Kennie ’18 backed up her leadership with a fierce presence on the field.  All the while, Erika Calle ’16 made huge improvements in both confidence and skill as our goalie.

With a final score of 1-11, the lady Phoenix is ready to take on Gould Academy on Friday, September 25th.

-Coach Morse