Wolfpack Boys, Girls Cross Country Compete at Portsmouth Abbey School

The Wolfpack Boys Cross Country Team Runs Tough Follow Up at Portsmouth Abbey.

  The Wolfpack boys Cross Country team ran a tough second meet at the Portsmouth Abbey School.  There was lots of evidence of individual improvement but the team was missing three key athletes who were resting some minor injuries or away for the weekend.  Losing three of the scoring five, one of whom needed to withdraw from the race due to a rolled ankle, left them struggling to stay competitive in team scoring.  Thankfully with tremendous efforts from Charlie Tran ’16 as a first time runner, Alex Sobel ’17 who ran another impressive race, and Corban Basile ’18, they managed to stay competitive in the field.  Alex Sobel is learning to find his pace, and hangs tough with the top pack.  He managed to reduce his previous time by more than two minutes.  Pietro Agostini ’17 reduced his by nearly 5 minutes, and Tom Huang by 13 minutes!  In fact every runner who competed dropped time in comparison with our last meet.  Corban finished 5th overall after running the first 2.5 miles in second place.  He will be focusing on some new race strategies this week to help him get to the next level.  On Sunday, while most of the community enjoyed some well-deserved rest, Corban woke up at 5:40am to travel to Trails To A Cure, an 8mile, extremely rugged trail run. It seems every runner emerges from the trail with a little mud and a little blood.  Corban emerged mostly unscathed and took second place in his under 29yr age division.  He earned some gnarly blisters on his feet, and a beautiful shrubbery! It was a long day but the camaraderie at the event has the tendency to lift spirits and strengthen the resolve of its competitors.  Hopefully he brings a little back for our team and the Hyde community.  Official results for this trail race can be found at http://www.snerro.com/results-2015.html once posted. Lots of great progress being made as we look towards a promising season!

The Wolfpack Girls Cross Country Team at Portsmouth Abbey School

The girls cross country team traveled to Portsmouth Abby School to compete against several schools in another introductory meet.  This time the competition was a little stiffer as the girls met PAS and Lincoln for the first time this season.  The major improvement in this meet was in getting four girls across the line.  This brings us a bit closer to having a scoring team than we have been in the past.  Cameron Yale attempted and completed her first race in 35:07, a great first time.  Her effort and attitude were a highlight of the day.  Achaita ran a touch slower than her first race, and didn’t have the fire we have seen from her in the past but she still finished near the top half of the field.  Looking forward to the continued growth of the girls team.

Coach Welch