Hyde School Launches App Dubbed “Your Portable Conscience”

Hyde To Go app screenshot

Have you ever thought you could use a character coach?

Have you ever felt you just need a little inspiration?

Do you at times feel stuck in a rut?

The Hyde To Go app was developed to help people in just these circumstances. Created by the students, alumni, and faculty at Hyde School, Hyde To Go, “your portable conscience,” gathers and distills a half century of experience teaching character and leadership skills and places it all in this compact app. The 48 stories aligned around six main categories deliver concepts to ponder that readers can browse through or listen to when they need a pick-me-up.

The six categories are:

  • Bet On The Truth
  • Persist
  • Inner Leadership
  • Do Your Best
  • The Biggest Job
  • Self/Group Assessment

Six Hyde To Go Categories

Imagine, for example, someone was prepping for an important meeting. He or she might want to browse through the Inner Leadership category and read the “Not What, But How You Say It” story. A parent struggling with a child might want to delve into The Biggest Job category and read “The Perils of Parenting as a Friend” story. An athlete upset over a recent loss might read “The Effort Savings Bank” story in the Persist category. There are pieces of wisdom contained within the app for everyone.

To download the free app, simply search for “Hyde To Go” in the iTunes or Google Play store.

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