Shanghi FLC – From The Heart Sharing Eases Anxiety And Refocuses Challenges

Shanghai FLC participants

Faculty member Fan Luo reports on the Shanghi FLC;

“On June 7, team China welcomed Hyde Bath and Woodstock families to the Shanghai Marriot for an FLC. Participating were the family’s of Bernard He, Shirley He, Jayden Zhou, Henry Tao, Aaron Cao, Jerry Wang, Sandy, Tracy He, and Tony Mao.

The FLC opened with veteran parents Bernard’s Mom and Aaron’s Dad sharing what they have learned from participating in the Hyde family program. First year parent Shirley He’s Dad was so happy about all the positive changes he saw on Shirley, he then walked up to the stage without being called on and spent 5 minutes sharing why he felt their family was lucky to find Hyde school for Shirley.  With that, the Shanghai FLC definitely started on a positive note.

Sandy’s Dad went from worried about the meeting being too long to feeling connected with other parents and students. He and many other parents expressed that sharing with the group reduced their anxiety level, because now they see so many families are worried about the same thing. What they considered problems seemed like a natural challenge each teenager and the family must go through in order to grow.

Jerry’s Mom was inspired by the life story of Henry’s Mom. She spoke about her need to focus on herself and rebuild her own career instead of allowing her children and husband to continue being the center of her life. Woodstock student Tracy said, “I have been disappointing my family for five years. It’s time to pull myself together. I can’t disappoint my family again.”

By the time the FLC ended, all the parents exchanged contact information, Bernard’s Mom later shared on social media that, “It was such a meaningful meeting. Children and parents got to talk and communicate on an equal level. I learned so much from other families as well.” Shaw’s family, who was traveling and couldn’t attend, felt no matter what they would definitely attend next time after they saw all the comments on social media.”