Hyde-Woodstock Tech Club Offers Alternate Source of Expression

Andreu Cullere ’12 speaks to the Hyde Tech Club about his experience as a software engineer.
Andreu Cullere ’12 speaks to the Hyde Tech Club about his experience as a software engineer.

This year marks the beginning of the Hyde Tech Club on the Woodstock campus. “The purpose was to fill a need for something on campus for students considering study and careers in STEM fields beyond traditional course work,” said faculty member and club director Josh Welch. Throughout the year, the Tech Club has been a source of opportunity and experience for students.

Meeting weekly, the Tech Club has covered a lot of ground since the beginning of the school year. Along with creating programming and engineering projects, such as building and coding a robot to perform tasks, the group hosts guest speakers on a monthly basis. Ph.D. candidates in computer science, software engineers, and professionals in robotics, mechanical engineering, optics and more come to campus to speak about their careers, education, skills, and the job market and future developments. Among these speakers was Andreu Cullere—a 2012 Hyde graduate—who helps to identify high-risk breast cancer patients as a software engineer for Hughes RiskApps.

While the Tech Club has expanded Hyde’s academic diversity, it has also helped bring students together in a different and exciting setting. “The value of Tech Club is that it provides an alternate source of expression,” said junior Ryan Slutzky, one of the student leaders of the group. “I think it’s a really good medium for people to gather around and talk about what they enjoy.”

Perhaps the most promising aspect of the Tech Club is its youth and room for growth. “It is a diverse group of mostly returning students and I think the club has a bright future because of that,” said Welch. Hyde looks forward to the future accomplishments and experiences that its Tech Club will offer.