Phoenix Tennis @ 2015 MAISAID Singles & Doubles Championships

2015 MAISAID Singles & Doubles Championships

Singles: Burke Riley, Carlos Sanchez, Henry Tao

Doubles: Dow Drukker & Cooper Platt, and Shawn Shao & Oliver Wang

On Wednesday, May 13, the Hyde Phoenix returned to Kents Hill in order to face off against their rivals, Hebron Academy, Gould Academy and the host Kents Hill School in the MAISAD Singles & Doubles Championships. Unfortunately, several members of our team were unable to attend due to conflicts with Advanced Placement tests, but the rest of us soldiered on without them.

Henry Tao `17 had been looking forward to playing doubles with his good friend Oliver Wang ’17 all season, but because Ben Mooney ’16 was unavailable, Henry was pressed into a tough singles match against a strong Kents Hill opponent. Losing 8-0, Henry did his best, but this was tough match-up for him against a four year varsity tennis player from the strongest team in the MAISADs. Carlos Sanchez `15 faced a tough opponent from Hebron, and also lost 8-0. This was an uncharacteristically lackadaisical performance from Carlos. His usual consistency and grit was absent. An unfortunate ending to a very strong season for a novice tennis player

Burke Riley `15 got off to a slow start, going down 5-0 versus an eventual finalist from Kents Hills, but he finished the match with some of the best tennis he played this year, winning 2 of the final 5 games, and so losing 8-2. For those several games, we saw what Burke is capable of. He struck a great balance between consistency and power, playing defensively as necessary, and stepping into more aggressive shots when he had the opportunity. Burke came off the court recognizing that he had played well, but lost to a superior player. An honorable defeat.

Our doubles team traveled a few miles down the road to beautiful Camp Laurel for the opening doubles matches. Dow Drukker `15 and Cooper Platt ‘15 faced another strong Kents Hill team, and were able to get on the board, but lost 8-1. Dow and Cooper felt good about the way they played, though. This was a tough match-up for them, and they comported themselves well out there. Shawn Shao ’16 and Oliver Wang ’17 headed up to Kents Hill to support their teammates and unexpectedly found themselves in the MAISAD Doubles Championship! Always eager for a challenge, the two faced off against the top-seeded team from Kents Hill, losing 8-0. This was an opportunity for the boys to be on the court with one of the best doubles teams in Maine, and they’re unlikely to forget it any time soon.

Wrapping up the season, I am proud of the sportsmanship the team demonstrated overall, the growth on and off the court, the way the boys supported each other, and the way the captains, Burke Riley `15, Ben Mooney `16 and Dow Drukker `15, took hold of their roles in leading their teammates. The boys did not have the results on the court that we would all have liked, but they have an awful lot to be proud of, and made some good memories along the way.


Coach Weymar