Phoenix Tennis vs Gould

Hyde School – Bath                     1

Gould                                          4

On Saturday, May 9, the Hyde Phoenix made the long journey to Gould Academy looking for revenge after our loss to Gould at home over Spring Family Weekend. The mountains of Maine provided a beautiful setting for some excellent tennis.

First Singles (loss)

Burke Riley                       3  7 (2) 1

                Will Kannegeiser              6  6      6

Second Singles (win)

                Carlos Sanchez                6  6

Ben Higgins                    1   2

Third Singles (loss)

Ben Mooney                     0  0

               Andres De La Joya            6  6

First Doubles (loss)

Dow Drukker & Chris Lutts                1  1

                 Lucas Fredes & Joaquin Martinez    6  6

Second Doubles (loss)

Shawn Shao & Oliver Wang                3  0

               Darin Peng & Jim Lo                            6  6


Hyde convoyed with the Boys Future Varsity Lacrosse team on the long trip to Bethel, but arrived ready to play! After moving the dial at Hebron, Burke Riley `15 continued his improvement at #1 singles. As the match wore on, Burke recognized that rather than hitting out as frequently, he needed to play a more conservative game that would allow his opponent more opportunities to miss – because his opponent taking these opportunities to miss. Although the first set was close, Burke did not really get going until he was down in the second set. He even saved two consecutive match points before getting to a tie-breaker which he won very decisively. After this triumph, Burke seemed to return to his less disciplined ways, and Gould’s #1 won the third set easily.

Playing at #2, Carlos Sanchez `15 had a rematch with an opponent who had beaten him in Bath. Today was very different! Fueled by some strong emotions that had arisen off the court, Carlos played with remarkable focus and intensity, continuing to develop new areas his game point by point. Always consistent, Carlos was able to play more aggressive, challenging shots on this day that ended points more quickly, and did not allow his opponent a chance to get his bearings. A solid all-around performance! Ben Mooney `16 felt good before he went out for a rematch at #3, but he seemed to lose his focus once he was out on the court. Ben’s opponent featured a very complete game, strong off both sides and capable at the net. Alas, Ben was not able to rise to the challenge on the day.

Dow Drukker ‘18 teamed with Chris Lutts ‘18 again at #1 doubles. Even with the wealth of their collective tennis wisdom, these two seniors were unable to eclipse the strong showing by Gould’s #1 doubles team, a pair that had obviously been working together for some time. Hyde fared better at #2 doubles where Shawn Shao ‘16 and Oliver Wang `17 played a tough first set against an able team. They came off the court between sets optimistic that they could win the second set and the match, but their opponents found another gear, lasering some groundstrokes that were very difficult to return.