Tough Loss to Hebron for Phoenix Tennis

Hyde School – Bath                    0

Hebron Academy                       5

On Wednesday, May 6, the Hyde Phoenix tennis team traveled to Hebron Academy for another gorgeous day of tennis.

First Singles (loss)

Burke Riley                           0  1

                Justin Lee                             6  6

Second Singles (loss)

Ben Mooney                        0  0

                Max Borchardt                    6   6

Third Singles (loss)

Chris Lutts                      1  0

               Esteban Puig                  6  6

First Doubles (loss)

Dow Drukker & Henry Tao      0  0

                 Eli Ross & Chase Kane           6  6

Second Doubles (loss)

Cooper Platt & Duncan O’Rourke    4  2

               Max Peng & Zach Abisalih                 6  6


Burke Riley `15, playing at first singles, took a meaningful step forward against his Lumberjack opponent. In the first set, Burke continued the lackluster play that had characterized his play up in his last few matches. Burke reset himself in between sets, however, and came out playing much more within himself. Burke’s solid play, and more appropriate shot selection earned him a 2-0 lead. Sensing the challenge, Lee of Hebron elevated his game and got back on top, but this was an important day for Burke.

At #2, Ben Mooney `16 faced a German Lumberjack who moved around the court with particular grace, offering Ben little opportunity to get going. The difference in the match was consistency. Even at his best, Ben was facing a tough opponent who played like a backboard. A tough day, but a good opportunity to learn the importance of developing our own consistency. Chris Lutts `15 stepped in at #3 for a rare singles appearance. Facing a Spanish Lumberjack, Chris adjusted from his usual doubles to singles, but he came off the court feeling that he had played well, but recognizing that he was outmatched on the day.

Chris’s usual doubles partner Dow Drukker `15  and Henry Tao `18  had a similar experience at #1 doubles. Facing the eventual MAISAD champions, Dow felt that he and Henry were, in spite of the score, playing well, but their opponents were just too good on the day. Many points went back and forth with some excellent net play, but Hebron’s two Maine Lumberjacks were able to marshal their skills and earn a well-deserved victory. Meanwhile, Cooper Platt ‘15 and Duncan O’Rourke `16 were in a dog fight at #2 doubles. Hebron again fielded a tough team, but Cooper and Duncan came ready to play! Their aggressive net play earned them poaching opportunities, and many free points as their opponents were intimidated by their movement at net. Still, even playing some of their best tennis of the year, Cooper and Duncan could not quite overcome their opponents.