Solid Win for Phoenix Boys V Lax in Kents Hill Showdown

Hyde – 7
Kent’s Hill – 5

On one of the first truly spring-like days of the year, the Phoenix travelled to Kent’s Hill for a showdown with the Huskies.  Previously in the season, the boys of Bath dominated Kent’s Hill, but the Huskies came out and battled hard on their home turf.  The Phoenix worked hard out of the gate, but struggled with discipline and composure.  Errant passes, poor transitions, and ball watching cost Hyde many possessions, and Kent’s Hill struck first.  Both team’s traded scores as Hyde kept in the fight and worked to find their rhythm, and Shemar Jack (’16) took over the game with strong clears and shifty dodges from the midfield position.  He scored four of the team’s seven goals on the day.  Attackman, Max Kaplan (’15) tucked two into the net for the Phoenix, as his off-ball cutting found him open looks at the cage.  Unselfish play from senior leaders Mike Harris and Sam Zanta earned them two assists apiece, totaling over half of the scores for Bath.

Hyde had a variety of players step up and do the dirty work behind the scenes.  Captains Aidan Sperry (’15) and Noah Horning (’15) both came up big as Sperry scrambled for five groundballs and a goal, and Horning stopped 16 of 21 shots on target for a 76% save percentage.  Jesse Higgins (’16) continued his groundball rampage, leading the team with six, while Andrew Davis (’15) stepped into the LSM position and found five groundballs of his own.

The Phoenix take on Tilton this Wednesday and have their regular season finale against Gould on Friday.  Next week’s league playoffs will commence on Wednesday the 13th.


Coach Sataloff