Phoenix Tennis vs Gould, Kents Hill

Hyde School – Bath                    1
Gould                                            4

On Saturday, April 25, the Saturday of Spring Family Weekend, the Hyde Phoenix hosted Gould Academy on the courts at the Edward J McMann Outdoor Athletic Complex in Bath. It was a beautiful day for tennis!

First Singles (loss)

Burke Riley                       1  1

Clay Gilmour                    6  6

Second Singles (loss)

Carlos Sanchez                4  4

Ben Higgins                    6   6

Third Singles (loss)

Ben Mooney                     2  0

Andres De La Joya            6  6

First Doubles (loss)

Dow Drukker & Chris Lutts               0  1

Zach Roman & Joaquin Martinez    6  6

Second Doubles (win)

Cooper Platt & Duncan O’Rourke        6  6

Darin Peng & Jim Lo                                2  1


Even after the long trip from Bethel, Gould arrived ready to play! Burke Riley `15 continued to struggle at #1 singles, making errors that his opponent was able to capitalize on. Burke has the game to compete with Gould’s #1, but he has to work on his consistency in order to achieve the result we  all know he’s capable of. Carlos Sanchez `15 played a tough match at #2, battling to the bitter end. Both players worked for small advantages, waiting for a miscue from the other. This was a very even match that could have gone either way, and might have on another day. We will all look forward to a rematch this Saturday, May 9 at Gould. Ben Mooney `16 returned to action at #3 after reaching the semifinals of the Neuqua Knockout ultimate Frisbee tournament in Naperville, IL the previous weekend. Ben came out of the gate strong, but as the match wore on, he appeared increasingly rusty after his time off. Ultimately, Ben yielded to his opponent’s aggressive shot-making.

Dow Drukker ‘18 teamed with Chris Lutts ‘18 at #1 doubles. Even with the wealth of their collective tennis wisdom, these two seniors were unable to eclipse the strong showing by Gould’s #1 doubles team, a pair that had obviously been working together for some time. Hyde fared better at #2 doubles where Cooper Platt ‘16 and Duncan O’Rourke `16 put on a fine display of tactical doubles for their parents, and one grandparent. Aggressive play at the net, and smart shot selection kept them on top from start to finish, and mitigated Hyde’s otherwise disappointing results.

Hyde School – Bath                    0
Kent’s Hill School                         5

On Saturday, May 2, the Hyde Phoenix tennis team boarded a bus with the Boys and Girls Lacrosse teams and journeyed to the Kent’s Hill School in Kent’s Hill, Maine. It was a gorgeous day for tennis although the relatively windy conditions were a reminder that Kent’s Hill is, after all, on a hill.

First Singles (loss)

Burke Riley                        0  1

Shin Ota                                  6  6

Second Singles (loss)

Henry Tao                         0  0

Michael Hall                    6   6

Third Singles (loss)

Chris Lutts                      1  0

Pelumi Odimayo            6  6

First Doubles (loss)

Dow Drukker & Oliver Wang               0  0

Dominic Briton & Jaxon Friedman    6  6

Second Doubles (loss)

Cooper Platt & Shawn Shao         4  2

Travis Baird & Sam Onion             6  6


After playing almost exclusively inside so far this year, Burke Riley `15 seemed to struggle to adjust to the windy conditions on Kent’s Hill. Burke’s opponent featured a solid all-around game that offered few entry points for Burke to exploit. Burke had his moments, intentionally striving to get into a rhythm he could build off of, but on this day Gould’s #1 was just too tough. Henry Tao `18 valiantly stepped up to #2 to help out the Phoenix’s depleted squad, and what an experience! Henry’s opponent had played #1 in our previous match, and so Henry had all he could handle on this day. Henry kept his head high, and kept on battling, but his highly skilled opponent was more than Henry could handle. Also stepping up, Chris Lutts ‘18 was happy to see action at #3 singles. I was exceptionally proud of Chris’s showing. He, too, was outmatched, but he never gave in. In between sets, he acknowledged that he was playing well, but his opponent was just too strong for him. He did not get discouraged, though, but kept fighting until the end.

For this match Dow Drukker ‘18 teamed with Oliver Wang ‘17 at #1 doubles. The theme of the day continued on the doubles courts with Hyde playing good solid tennis, but Kent’s Hill just being too tough. In this case, the score was an especially poor reflection of the competition out on the court. Game after game went to deuce, with many great doubles points, including strategic lobs and net play, but game after game went Kent’s Hill’s way. Again, Hyde fared better at #2 doubles where Cooper Platt ‘16 and Shawn Shao `16 were able to put a few more games on the board. After going down 5-0 in the first, Cooper and Shawn roared back to 5-4, but alas, couldn’t push their opponents any further. Between sets, having won four of the previous five games, the boys were optimistic. Alas, their opponents returned to the form they had shown initially and closed out the match – but not without a fight!

This was another bonding day for the Hyde tennis team. We have faced more than our fair share of adversity this season, but the boys’ determination to improve remains strong. Our next match is on Wednesday, May 6th, and promises to be another tough one on the road versus Hebron.