Phoenix GLAX Falls to Berwick 15-12

Berwick: 15
The Hyde Girls Lacrosse team traveled to Berwick for a match against a very good Berwick team.  The game was a race to see who could score the most goals before the final buzzer. Both teams played an outstanding  offensive game. Goal tallies for the Phoenix =Emma Levensohn ’17 -7, Jill Tollman’16-2, Merrill Truluck ’18-2, ,Lutes Bartlett’16-1.  Playing her second  game in the goal Cris Boeckel ’15 had 5 saves in the crease. She showed a lot of heart and courage to step in the goal circle.     Playing on a shortened field , endurance was not an issue for the Phoenix who transitioned the ball well in the second half as the bulldogs began to tire.  Closing an early gap of 5 goals the Phoenix rallied late to bring the distance down to 3 but ran out of time .  This brings the Phoenix record to 3-4 on the season. The Phoenix Face the Seahawks of Boothbay Harbor Wednesday at 4:30 at Jaye Track and Field on the Hyde Campus.

Moxie Makes Glax Mighty!

Coach Truluck